The LaRose Companies have a vision of strong growth for the immediate term, coupled with strategic growth patterns for the long term.  The Companies’ future strategies include expanding service capabilities in order to enhance value related to existing customers, increasing market share by seeking new suppliers and customers, and evaluating the potential for expanding into new markets and into new regions.

The LaRose Companies have long used superior equipment and technology to solidify their position as a leader in the scrap and salvage industry.  The companies intend to continue to use this strategy to attract and retain customers, as well as pursue new markets.

Paul C. Cummings (President) – A native of South Louisiana and the sole stockholder of the LaRose Companies.  Mr. Cummings also owns the facilities occupied by the LaRose Companies in Houma and Intracostal City, Louisiana.  Mr. Cummings has been working in the scrap and salvage industry since 1987.  Mr. Cummings has worked in, and has a through understanding of all aspects of the industry, including operations, sales, and executive positions.  Mr. Cummings has owned and operated companies in the scrap and salvage industry since founding Cummings Oilfield Equipment, Inc. in 1988. In this time, he has also owned various other entities involved in commercial real estate rentals, commercial equipment rentals, real estate development, and farming activities. Mr. Cummings is currently the President and Chief Operating officer of the LaRose Companies, LaRose Enterprises, Inc., and various other real estate related entities. In addition to these positions, Mr. Cummings is also extremely active in the sales, marketing and promotion aspects of the LaRose Companies, as well as all financial aspects of the companies.

Kyle Usie (General Manager) -  A native of South Louisiana and the General Manager for all LaRose Companies.

Erick Ancelet (Yard Manager)- A native of South Louisiana and the yard manager for Intracoastal City yard.